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Athlete Management/Coaching: World Class Athlete
High Performance Director - USA Diving (Indianapolis, IN)

USA Diving is seeking candidates for the position of High Performance Director. The High Performance Director devises, directs and leads the implementation of an integrated high performance plan for USA Diving by leveraging high performance best practices and cutting-edge scientific research in sport science, sport psychology, medicine, management, pedagogy, and sport-specific skills and training.

The High Performance Director is expected to work collaboratively with coaches to develop athletes capable of success at the highest levels of international competition resulting in World and Olympic medal recognition for USA Diving athletes.

Desired Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Qualifications 

Knowledge of high performance science, the high performance model, elite programs, elite coaching and elite athletes.

• Knowledge of the complex array of services essential to the creation of a world-class training environment as well as elite athlete and team performance.

• Understanding of the economic impact associated with elite competitions and performance coupled with an ability to use best practices to ensure the highest return on the investment of USA Diving resources.

• Teaming skills needed to create an environment where all USA Diving functions, personnel and services link as a total system to fully support the development and success of the USA Diving athlete.

• Interpersonal skills in order to effectively collaborate and liaise with multiple stakeholders including, but not necessarily limited to, the United States Olympic Committee, NCAA, USA Diving Committees, USA Diving CEO, USA Diving Board of Directors, and FINA representatives.

• Strong management, organizational and communication skills.

• Ability to maintain a high level of self-motivation as well as an ability to work under pressure.

• Abilities in strategic planning, plan execution, and plan monitoring to ensure success.

• Demonstrated experience working collaboratively with multiple entities to include coaches, elite athletes, sports medicine and sports science professionals, national and international organizations and resources to support high performance; extensive international diving experience to include World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic levels.

• Recommended Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Physical Education, Psychology, Organization Development or related field from an accredited university. Preferred Master’s or Ph.D. in relevant area cited above.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for and has direct authority over all technical aspects of members of the USA Diving team and all Podium Center activities and mentor coaches.

• Responsible for the day-to-day management of the team including, but not limited to, dealing with team or individual problems as they arise, behavior of the team member, ensuring the team meets the individual and team member requirements imposed on them by USA Diving coaches and other USA Diving authorities.

• Responsible for assigning duties and responsibilities to coaches, mentor coaches, sports science/ medicine staff and team members as required or appropriate.

• Responsible for ensuring that team personnel and structure operate in such a manner so as to allow the USA Diving team to achieve optimal results.

• Responsible for specific areas including finance, reconciliation of accounts, conduct of all management meetings.

• Responsible for acting as the lead spokesperson for the USA Diving team, both in the U.S. and overseas including interaction with the media and at official team functions and for advocating on behalf of USA Diving in support of fundraising.

• Assist the USA Diving coach staff in ensuring all team members receive information which may be relevant to their health and performance at competitions, e.g. drug tests, Safe Sport, etc.

• Jointly with the National coach attend applicable technical committee meetings.

• Responsible for preparing and sending written periodic update and other reports to USA Diving and key stakeholders on athlete and team status, technical reports, organizational aspects, and performance evaluation of USA Diving.

• Lead and direct USA Diving efforts in the management of the USA Diving High Performance Program and key aspects of the national training program to include standardization of program and services across all National Podium Centers; coordination of National squad; competition program and USA Diving team management; national camps programs; and liaison with Podium Center coaches.

Other Information:

The High Performance Director reports to the CEO of USA Diving. Extensive domestic and international travel is required. Employment is contingent upon successful completion of US Diving’s background screening. USA Diving is an equal opportunity employer.

About USA Diving.

Applications will be accepted through June 9, 2017.

Candidates referred through the screening process for consideration will be contacted CONFIDENTIALLY via the contact information provided.

Background Screening Criteria

Convictions for the following offenses will result in a determination of “not qualified” for this position. Failure to fully disclose requested information will also result in disqualification from consideration. Sex Offenses All sex offenses regardless of amount of time since offense. Examples: Child molestation, rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sodomy, prostitution, solicitation, indecent exposure, child pornography, etc. Felonies All felony involving violence against person, regardless of the amount of time since offense. Examples: Murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, kidnapping, robbery, aggravated burglary, etc. Misdemeanors

a. One misdemeanor drug offense within the past five years or multiple offenses in the past 10 years. Examples: Simple drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, etc.

b. Two driving under the influence offenses within the past five years or multiple offenses in the past 10 years. A driving under the influence offense within the past five years will be cause to prevent any individual from driving any vehicle in which any minors or USA Diving personnel are carried.

c. Any other felony or misdemeanor regardless of time since offense that would be considered a potential harm to children or is directly related to the functions of that person (e.g. monetary fraud, embezzlement etc.)

Job Purpose

To strategically devise, direct and lead the implementation of an integrated high performance plan for USA Diving, resulting in World and Olympic medals won by USA Diving athletes.

Significant demands on this role include:

• Extensive travel nationally and internationally

• Collaboration, communication, and coordination with multiple entities internally and externally including the USA Diving staff, United States Olympic Committee (USOC), NCAA, USA Diving Committees, USA Diving CEO, USA Diving BOD, FINA representatives, Sport Science personnel, coaches and athletes domestically and internationally.

Essential Functions Strategic Functions (25%)

• Devise, write and present an ongoing four-year High Performance Plan for submission to the USOC with a comprehensive detailed plan for the current year.

• Devise, write and present to USAD Members/BOD a comprehensive, detailed eight-year (two quads) High Performance Plan for submission with an outlined strategic plan for the quad beyond that.

• Design strategic plans for the High Performance Squad (HPS) currently identified as Tier 1 and Tier 2 athletes on record.

• Develop the annual international competition calendar and the domestic schedule for USA Diving Teams to maximize international and domestic performances.

• Develop HPS and Synchronized Assessment/Training Camps

Operational Functions (30%)

• Administration and management of services for the national team programs, coaches, elite athletes, and team personnel

• Integrate Sport Science (exercise science, biomechanics, sport psychology, nutrition, strength and conditioning) components into all levels of education, training and coaching

• Oversight and evaluation of USA Diving’s Olympic pipeline/podium centers

• Arrange all necessary pre-camps (domestically and internationally) for international competition

• Attend and run the HPS and Synchronized Assessment Camps

• Develop all selection procedures for teams and coaches for USA Diving and the USOC

• Develop and implement Olympic, World Championships, World Cup, World University Games, FINA Grand Prix Events, Youth Olympic Games, World Championship Series, Junior Pan American Games, Junior Worlds, other Junior based international events/clinics/retreats, FINA High Diving, and Pan American Games team preparation plans and liaise with current Olympic coaches for input during this process

• Ensure CEO and Board of Directors are updated quarterly of High Performance Strategies and initiatives

• Develop and be responsible for the High Performance budget allocated by USOC/USA Diving

• Provide technical expertise and interpretation of rules as needed

• Authority to determine staff (both credentialed and non-credentialed) for World Cup, World Championships, and Olympic Games (and other events listed above)

Managerial Functions (25%)

• Oversee Sports Science/Medicine coordination for HPS and targeted athletes support

• Liaise with St Vincent Sports Performance and USOC Sports Performance Teams to ensure best dissemination of services and medical care to our athletes

• Liaise with the USOC Department of Sport Performance

• Work closely with Chair of Committee of Competitive Excellence (CCE) and serve as an ex officio member of the Committee on matters of high performance

• Will make hiring recommendations and manage the Junior High Performance director.

• Manage the Director of Coach Education o Collaborate with the Director of Coach Education to develop and implement a fully integrated plan for the talent identification, education, mentoring, certification and continuing education of diving coaches at all levels.

  • Collaborate with the Junior High Performance Director to develop and implement a strategic plan for developing a talent identification plan, high performance system at the junior level that supports the strategic plan at the senior level.
  • Manage the relationship with direct reports, including career development plans, coaching, and addressing personnel issues as needed.

• Liaise with CEO on a regular basis with High Performance strategies and USOC personnel as appropriate.

• Liaise with USA Diving’s FINA TDC representative and chair of the judge’s subcommittee as required

• Maintain regular contact with HPS Coaches and other coaches as deemed necessary • Oversee and assist USA Diving’s Coach Mentors • Oversee and assist USA Diving’s Athlete Mentors

• Work closely with all USA Diving staff on general competition/events matters and any High Performance issues that may arise

• Liaise with external consultants/service providers

• Liaise/collaborate with a comprehensive nationwide Talent Identification Program across sports relevant to diving (e.g., gymnastics, trampoline) and in all USA Diving Communities.

Administrative (15%)

• Prepare and provide administrative reports, expense reports, and personnel reports in a timely manner.

• Maintain electronic and paper files and other information in a business-like manner.

Personal Development (5%)

• Design and carry out a development program consistent with enhancing the skills necessary for the role of High Performance Director

• Demonstrate commitment to honing skills/knowledge related to being a productive member of the USA Diving staff

• Continuously expand the informal communications network across the interdependent entities as a means to improve coordination and to develop opportunities that benefit USA Diving and its members. Secondary Responsibilities to the Organization:

• Work with USA Diving staff to foster sponsorship and fundraising opportunities for USA Diving

• Work with USA Diving staff and external sources to promote USA Divingthough the media Accountabilities:

• Update CEO on a monthly basis on the activities and results in the following areas:

  • High Performance Plan
  • Schedules and activities
  • National Team progress and associated members and activities
  • Podium Centers
  • Status of ongoing team selection and procedures
  • Developments in Sports Science  
  • Budgets
  • Progress towards achieving USA Diving annual and long term goals

• Maintain ongoing communication and transparency with USA Diving members (and affiliates) regarding ongoing projects and results.

• Maximize communication to ensure a cohesive effort between all internal and external areas of USA Diving to maximize the effectiveness of resources in the organization and with the athlete’s performance improvement activities.

• Conduct ongoing feedback and annual documented performance reviews for all direct reports.

• Provide guidance, training, assistance, and share expertise to develop the skills, abilities and knowledge of the Director of Coach Education, Jr. High Performance Director and International Events staff to attain USA Diving performance objectives and effectively carry out related functions. Maximize growth and performance of USA Diving associates in preparation for greater future responsibilities.

• Maximize the utilization of resources and control of expenses to ensure the greatest return on investment. Manage the development, monitoring, and control of the High Performance and related USA Diving budgets to enhance efficiency. Must meet budget targets.


• Recommended Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Physical Education, Psychology, Organization Development or related field from an accredited university

• Preferred Master’s or Ph.D. in relevant area cited above Experience:

• Demonstrated experience working collaboratively with multiple entities - coaches, athletes, sports medicine and sport science personnel, national and international resources - to support high performance

• Extensive International diving experience. Experience at the World Cup, World Championship and Olympic levels.

Core Competencies:

• Demonstrated knowledge, skills and experience in exercise science, strategically developing high performance systems

• Excellent administration and organizational skills

• Knowledge of policies, procedures and operations of USA Diving, the USOC, FINA, and the NCAA

• Knowledge about the sport of diving

• Demonstrated leadership and managerial skills

• Excellent written and oral communication skills

• Excellent interpersonal communication skills – good listener, team builder and unifier

• Collaboration and conflict resolution skills

• Computer skills – Microsoft office software

• Strategic planning • Critical analysis skills

• Program evaluation

• Budgeting

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